Wednesday, 7 March 2012

International Women's Day

by Shomi Yoon

Today - March 8th - is International Women's Day. The demands of the Women's Liberation movement - for free, safe, and legal abortion on demand; for free contraception and women's rights to control their bodies; for equal pay; for liberation from sexual oppression and discrimination - have lost none of their relevance today.


while Joyce Stevens' History of International Women's Day in Words and Images has much useful information. This week's Socialist Worker (UK) carries an interesting interview with Cathy Porter about the Russian revolutionary Alexandra Kollontai, socialism, International Women's Day and liberation. Find out about the history of International Women's Day.

Sandra Bloodworth argues here on the connections between women and revolution, while Sarah Garnham makes the case that sexism is systematic. There is an archive of sociaist articles on lesbian women's struggles for liberation here.

Janey Stone has written on the 'Real History of International Women's Day'

Get Active

We need to fight sexism in the here and now - in our own lives and in society - and to look for collective action to push for women's rights.

Strong unions need strong women: support our sisters in the Maritime Union of New Zealand today by backing them in their fight, with their male workmates, to Save Our Port, and donate to their campaign here. There are women workers in the Meatworkers' Union currently locked out or on strike in support of their locked out brothers and sisters -- they too need solidarity.

An international union federation for food and allied workers' groups is using International Women's Day to promote their campaign to stop Nespressure, against Nestle's treatment of women workers and unionists in their factories around the world. You can find out more here.

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