Thursday, 13 September 2012

National Day of Action Against Welfare Reform

So Bennett/National is at it again attacking the poor, mothers, the sick and disabled. Threats of cutting benefits in half if people don't conform to bureaucratic "solutions" to child health and education... 

But excuse me who ends up missing out when the benefit is cut in half? Why does Aotearoa have increasing poverty and social problems?

It's certainly not the beneficiaries who caused the world
 economic crisis and high unemployment.
It's not beneficiaries who created the fastest growing gap between rich and poor in the OECD.

It's not beneficiaries who are pushing more and more people below the poverty line.

We need to the stop government from blaming the poor and oppressed for the social problems we face today. 

We need to stop the government trying to solve these social problems by taking more resources away from the poor and oppressed.

We need to stand up and say No to cuts to welfare. We need to stand up for those who have no voice. 

Join in the National day of action for the rights of beneficiaries on the 5th of October!"

Find out details of the national day of action here. Facebook page for the Dunedin event here.

Rowan MacArthur